Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners – Canada


July 18, 2020

Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners – Canada (SOCEPP-CAN) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established to combat abuse of human rights in Ethiopia. SOCEPP-CAN has been legally registered and has been operating in Canada since 1995. It has been actively involved in campaigning for the protection of human and political rights in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. In tandem with other campaigners, SOCEPP-CAN works to see a world where all human beings could live in harmony enjoying there freedom and exercising there rights without limitations.

SOCEPP-Canada is highly alarmed and deeply worried by situations transpiring in Ethiopia in recent weeks. We are making this call to the world, primarily to the Government of Ethiopia, to take meaningful legal and administrative measures to protect it’s citizens and assure them there
rights to life.

The world must act now to stop the mass killings that took place in Ethiopia in recent weeks to destroy targeted ethnic or religious groups following a targeted and an orchestrated assassination of an Oromo pop-star, Hachaluu Hundessa. We are deeply saddened by the brutal death of over 240 people who were mostly killed due to there identities. It has also caused serious bodily injuries of over 400 people, mental harms and evictions of over 3500 people and deliberate destruction of over 200 properties and establishments.

The world must stand with Ethiopians as the situation is taking the character of Genocide and halt it before it destroys the nation and it catches the rest of the world by a complete shock. The ethnically organized ‘Federal’ Administration for the past three decades has created a classification between people and divided them into “them’ and “us”. Ethiopia did not take sufficient preventive measures throughout these years and some of the new generations of young people have grown up and passed through ethnically intoxicated institutions that are less governed by universalistic laws and which at the same time are responsible for the production and reproduction of divisions, suspicions and hate among people. Continue reading “A CALL TO STOP CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN ETHIOPIA”

Bishu Mining and Human Rights

SOCEPP Editor’s Note

Bisha Mining is an Eritrean company formed for the development and operation of the Bisha Mine in western Eritrea.  It is owned by a Canadian based Nevsun Resources Ltd. (60%) and the Eritrean National Mining Corporation (ENAMCO) (40%).

The labourers at the mining are allegedly participants of National Service Program. This is a program, according to one UN report, administered “similar to slavery in its effects”.   Continue reading “Bishu Mining and Human Rights”

Emailing shengo statement about arrest of Dr Merera dec12006.pdf

The oppressed people of Ethiopia cannot remain oppressed and gagged forever: Free Dr. Merera Gudina & All Political Prisoners Now!


SHENGO is extremely saddened and concerned to hear about the arrest of Dr Merrera Gudina in Addis Abeba on Wednesday November 30, 2016 by the security forces of the regime in power. Dr Merrera is among the leading political leaders in the country who believes in peaceful struggle and has repeatedly called for national dialogue to resolve the grave danger Ethiopia has and continues to face mainly because of the misguided and reckless policies and practices of the ruling TPLF/EPRDF regime. For the last 25 years, Dr. Merrera has abundantly and clearly demonstrated all and sundry his commitment and resolve to address Ethiopia’s complex political problems through peaceful struggle and national dialogue.

shengo statement about arrest of Dr Merera dec12006.pdf

Action Speaks Louder Than Words


Ethiopian Government’s Empty Promise on Press Freedom


October 7, 2016

On Oct 3, 2016 in an interview with BBC , the new communication minister of the TPLF led government in Ethiopia Dr Negeri Lenco has said that he” is committed to press freedom”. However, the question is whether his statement reflective of the government he is representing and if so what is the steps he and his government should take right now to demonstrate their “commitment to press freedom” . Continue reading “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”