World Bank failed indigenous peoples in Ethiopia

A November 2014 investigationreport by the World Bank’s accountability mechanism, the Inspection Panel (IP), found the Bank to be non-compliant with its own policies, including on indigenous peoples rights, on a project providing budget support to the Ethiopian government to increase access to basic services in Ethiopia. The report, which was leaked to the media in late January, responded to a September 2012 complaint submitted to the IP by indigenous people from the Gambella region (see Update 8682). In the submission, they claimed to have been severely harmed by the Bank project, due to its alleged links to a government ‘villagisation’ programme in the same region that has led to “forced evictions”. The Bank’s management in November 2012 refuted the connection: “the allegations raised … are matters that are not related to compliance with Bank policy”, however, the IP found the request eligible for investigation in February 2013 (Read more)

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