Full Respect of Rights not State of Emergency is the Solution to Ethiopia’s crisis

Full respect of rights not State of Emergency is the solution to Ethiopia’s crisis
The situation in Ethiopia is at a cross road. Years of repression has brought the country in to the current crisis. Intensifying the repression, the government has imposed “state of Emergency “through the country (please see the link below). With such a legal cover, the government is now committing highly disturbing Human Rights violation throughout the country and in particular in the regions of Oromya and Amhara.
Increasingly, Ethiopians and others concerned for Human rights are calling for national dialog as a means to get the country out of its current crisis and move forward with respect of basic Human and Democratic rights and rule of law.
In our opinion, this could be achieved only with full participation of all stake holders. The reality in Ethiopia shows that the political divisions among the elite are very deep. In such environment, a search for political resolution should be an inclusive process. One has to keep in mind that the political alienation that started in 1991 is a major contributor to the current crisis in Ethiopia.
Ethiopia should now take the bold step to begin inclusive democratization. In this process, a back door deal that alienates key stake holders will be unable to produce meaningful result both in the short term but most definitely in the long term.
We urge an immediate all inclusive national dialog, not a continuation of state of emergency, to resolve the current crisis and all outstanding issues. We urge the international community to put the utmost pressure on the ruling group in Ethiopia to accept such

Ethiopia State of Emergency Directive October 15 2016.pdf